26-28 Juli 2018


Everything you need to know


What is Landskronakarnevalen?

Landskronakarnevalen is a huge carnival offering music, activites, dance and much more for people of all ages and interests.

When is Landskronakarnevalen?

Swedens biggest carnival will be performed on 26 – 28 of July

Who arranges Landskronakarnevalen?

Landskronakarnevalen is produced by Creandia AB on a mission from Landskrona City.

Opening hours

The carnival will be open between 12.00 to 01.00 (12:00pm to 1:00am) on all three days.

What does it cost?

Most of the carnival is available to everyone for free. Some activities, carousel rides for example, will cost.

Age restriction

Everyone is welcome to Landskronakarnevalen, of all ages.

Environment policy

Environmental concerns are an obvious and important part of Landskronakarnevalen and for our partners. Big events like Landskronakarnevalen will effect the environment in various ways and as producers of the carnival, it is important that we take responsibility for our environmental impact. We are working towards finding the best possible way to produce an incredible carnival with a minimal impact on the environment, while continously improving the way we work. Landskronakarnevalen is in the forefront of environmental aspects, and it is something we will always take into consideration. Landskronakarnevalens environmental management system has been created and is being performed according to ”Håll Sverige Rent” and their guidelines for an environmental friendly event.

Landskronakarnevalen will work:

  • to use and present products and commodities with as little environmental impact as possible, preferably organic, near-produced and fairtrade (before, during and after implementation).
  • to work to reduce our waste, reuse and recycle as much as possible during Landskronakarnevalen (before, during and after the implementation).
  • to work for the event’s transportation to be as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible, and for our visitors to easily find information about how to get to and from the carnival with the least possible environmental impact.
  • to inform and educate our employees and partners so that they know how to work to reduce our impact on the environment.

Accessibility for people with disabilities

Major events, such as Landskronakarnevalen, attracts many people to concentrated areas and it is not always obvious that people with disabilities get the place they need. Adapting an event does not just mean adapting it to people with visible disabilities, but also for those with, for example, impaired vision, hearing impairment or allergies. For us as producers it is important that everyone should feel welcome to Landskronakarnevalen. We are actively working to find the best solutions for as many as possible and to facilitate our disabled visitors. Adaptation takes place in close cooperation with Landskrona City. Landskronakarnevalen also strives to develop the work for future events.

Landskronakarnevalen will work:

  • to create a good accessibility for the entire event.
  • to clearly inform stakeholders of the accessibility adjustment made and located in the event area.
  • to inform and educate our employees and partners so that they know what options are available to people with disabilities.

Sound level

Don’t forget ear protection

Note that high noise levels may cause hearing loss. Use ear protection. Earplugs are also available at our InfoPoint.


Press and photoaccreditation

Photographers who want to monitor stage performances and get a spot in front of the stage, need an accreditation. Generally, photography in front of the stage is allowed during the first three songs. Applications for accreditation must be made no later than 3 July 2018.

As the number of seats is limited, Landskronakarnevalen reserves the right to make a selection among the accreditation requests together with our co-organizer.


LISA (Landskrona Idrottsföreningens samorganisation) is in place during this year’s carnival and helps with crew and service at bicycle-parking and toilets. In return, they receive compensations that goes directly to their respective organizations. Gunnar Nilsson, Chairman of LISA, does a great job of coordinating this so that young people and adults get the opportunity to help their association. LISA’s website landskronaidrotten.nu.

Bicycle parking

Think about the environment, use your bicycle.

We encourage all visitors of Landskronakarnevalen to travel with their bicycles. On ”Slottsgatan” behind the Landskrona museum, you will find a parking space for bicycles which are taken care of by Landskronas atheltic clubs.

Market square

Like last year, the main stage will be set up at Rådhustorget. This means that the market square will not be available on Rådhustorget during the carnival, and the week before the event.

Where will the market square be held?
The market square will be held at ”Teaterparken” during 22-29 of July.

How will the customers find the market square?
All information regarding the move will be available on our website and our Facebook page. Further more, the information will be available during Landskrona City’s website. Information will also be available on Rådhustorget and there will be a crew who can guide customers to the right place.

Electricity will be available in ”Teaterparken” just like last year, for those who need it.

Further information
For further information, please contact your ordinary square guard.


Please watch out for thieves

During crowds it is possible that pickpocketers can walk about unnoticed. Often times you will not notice when it happens until you need your wallet. Please be on your guard.


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